PVD Coating Company Malaysia

K.M. Polishing Industries Sdn Bhd established in 2003. We offer industrial metal finishing services: PVD coating, titanium coating and electroplating services. We are currently importing a new machines for PVD coating. This is indeed a new technology and better quality in the PVD coating industry in Malaysia.

We provide the level of quality that our customers expect; K.M. Polishing team will work tirelessly to truly make our customers’ experience with us rewarding. We have many customers who used our service several times and their experiences with our work were amazing, very professional and prices are reasonable.

We make PVD coating on the different material, for example: mild steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. We coat these materials with finishing like brass, copper, silver, gold, nickel & etc, to improve their appearance including making them shiny to give them greater appeal.

PVD Coating Company Malaysia

We are truly committed to growing our company by providing superlative service to our customers with the very best PVD coating services, at a very reasonable price, contributing to responsible industrial growth. And again, maintaining a great consistently higher level of customer service.

How Do We Work?

At K.M. Polishing Industries Sdn Bhd, we truly understand each of our customers are unique and have different needs. For instance, customers have different request due to budget and on-time delivery issue. Our commitment to you is to recognize your needs and even issues and then ensure we are actually taking care of them.

Why Choose Us

Choose us since our highest priority is to determine your coating requirements and deliver efficient solutions to you. The quick answer to your very own questions, fast turnarounds on hot orders are a few examples of what comes with the service which we offer. We will do our best as well as go some extra miles to meet your metal finishing needs.

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